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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

The two websites below are excellent to ways to find jobs - whether it be full time, part time or casual.

1. Spot Jobs:

This is a fantastic website with lots of jobs for school students and school leavers. They have plenty of full time, part time, casual and holiday jobs.

2. JobActive (by Job Search):

This is a Federal Government's job search website. It has job vacancies across the whole of Australia.

As I become aware of any local job vacancies, I will post them for you below:

Current Job Vacancies:

Please contact the Contact Person listed for each vacancy or see me for further details.

Position: Details: Contact: Closing Date:
Traineeship - Real Estate Sales


Is the Real Estate Industry something than interests you?

If you love to talk to people this is the role for you!


Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Automotive


Love Cars! This employer is looking for someone keep to start as soon as possible - Service and repair motor

vehicles such as engines, transmissions and suspension systems on a range of light vehicles.


Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Locksmith


Not something you see everyday! As a locksmith you use tools, equipment and engineering techniques to maintain

and repair locks and locking systems to operational standards.


Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Baker


This busy and growing business wants you!


If you have a passion for bread please get in touch with us for the details.

Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Building


Two busy employers looking for an apprentice.


If building is something you love, please contact us for more details.

Mrs Boultons 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Cook


Looking for passionate foodie who are not afraid of some hard work


and excited about getting a great qualification in the process.

Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Diesel Mechanic


This busy employer is looking for someone with an eye for detail


who is a fast leaarner in a busy workshop.

Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Apprenticeship - Painter


Busy painter is looking for an energetic individual


with excellent attention to detail and a desire to work!

Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
Traineeship - Business



Do you want to be a part of a dynamic team! As an Office Assistant you would undertake a range

of functions to make sure the administration activities within an organisation run smoothly.



Mrs Boulton 23 Dec 2017
School Based Traineeship - Business or Victorian Police (Indigenous position)

With banking/finance or Victorian Police

Mrs Boulton 28 Feb 2018