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Tax File Numbers

Tax file Numbers – Students can now apply for their tax file numbers at the Red Cliffs Post Office. For information and how to apply go to -  then submit their application and relevant documentation to the post office.

Careers in STEM

Careers with STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) will underpin 75% of the fastest growing jobs in the future.

Refraction media has developed the following magazines that students can order or download online: Careers with Science, Careers with Science & Health, Careers with Engineering, Careers with Maths, and Careers with Code. You can access the magazines at this link -

Science, taking you places

Science, Taking You Places: This is a fantastic booklet developed by the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education. Students can explore careers in primary industries such as agriculture, food security, agronomy etc.,

Science news

Science news: Be inspired by the latest stories featured on RiAUS – Australia’s Science Channel. Some of the topics covered this week include:


  • Discovery of new exoplanets and a new solar system
  • How the shape of your nose relates to the environment your ancestors lived in
  • Using sperm to deliver cancer drugs into gynaeocological cancer cells
  • Types and prevalence’s of diseases impacting our elderly


Access the stories at this link -


Science TV

Australian Science TV: For more amazing science news and stories, access Australian Science TV at this link -